Edwin Lopez Sahuarico

Worship Leader & Conquistador Class Teacher


Edwin is married to July (Julie) and they have 2 beautiful boys with a 3rd on the way. In 2012 Edwin was telling the Lord in his prayers that he wanted to do God's will because working for God was the only thing he know how to do. In the month of July God answered his prayers and he met brother Osmar at a soccer game and there they became acquaintances but he did not know that Osmar was the director of the Sunshine Kid’s Club (SKC).


One day Osmar was walking by Edwins house and he asked Osmar, “What are you going to do during the next few days?” and Osmar said that he was going up river with a missionary group and Edwin told him “Take me with you.” and Osmar said “I don’t have money to pay you.” and Edwin answered him “I don’t want money I just want to do the will of God.” So on that river trip is where they grew their good friendship and it is where he also met Nicole, Osmar’s wife.


Later in the month of August that same year Edwin informed brother Osmar that he was interested in becoming a teacher at the SKC and after seeing his heart for youth and adolesents he was taken on as volunteer staff and asked to teach and work with club members called "Conquistadors" from ages 13+.


Two years later Edwin is still teaching adolesence and also with his many musical gifts has been leading club worship.  Not only does he give freely of his time but he also invited his equally passionate wife and sister-in-law, Katy, to join as volunteer staff.


"We do this because we love God with all our hearts and we will continue doing the Lords great work there."


God bless you,

Edwin Lopes and July Santos