We have had multiple successful short term mssions over the years. If you think you, your family, church or work could assist us in one of the following: VBS, medical clinics, contruction or digging wells talk to us about partnering with the Sunshine Kid's Club for a short term mission trip.






Perhaps you have a tremendous heart for missions but your job/career/life doesn't allow you the time you'd like to come and work with us in person, but your presence can still be felt miles away through your partnership & monthly support of the Sunshine Kid's Club. If God has blessed you financially you can make a huge difference in the lives of our kiddos and little brothers & sisters in Christ. Please prayerfully considerer joining our cause & partnering with us today.

If you are unable to do any of the above, you still can help in a very important way. We need one of the most powerful tools you have, your mouth. The bible refers to your mouth as a two edged sword and with it you have the power to speak life or death. Use it to bless us in one of the following ways… 

1. Pray. We need prayer warriors. If that’s you, you know what to do. There is always a spiritual battle going on when lives are being saved!

2. From time to time we need to hear words of encouragement. Facebook us, email us, call us or even send us a card or letter. There’s nothing as encouraging as hearing about what Gods doing in the kingdom.

3. We need you to be a spokesman for us. Tell your family, friends, co-workers, customers, everybody, Christian or not about the Sunshine Kid's Club. Thank you. 



If you have a small amount of free time on your hands and you have a heart for serving, helping others, traveling & experiencing new cultures consider coming down for a few days or a few weeks to the Peruvian Amazon and pay us a visit at the Sunshine Kid's Club .





Are you on summer or winter break and don't have any plans. Have you done short term missions before & are looking for something a little more intense? If you work well with others & in new environments the Sunshine Kid's Club wants you & your talents. Come teach dance, drama, music, swimming, English, etc. The skies the limit!