Gives our older kiddos who've made the decision to take their walk with Christ seriously a chance for fellowship, reflection, discipleship and fun. Within the safety of the walls of our home we pray for & encourage one another and give praise reports for our weekly success living as examples of Christ.




​When you live in a wood house that has petroleum soaked floors to ward off mosquitos, grass roofs & no plumbing or water, fires become an increasing risk during the hot dry Christmas season with drunks on the streets and kids playing with fireworks, fire safety courses are a must.



Is one of our biggest events of the year. We share the birth of our savior Jesus Christ along with other fun activities like puppet shows, clown shows, dance groups, guest singers, hot cocoa & fruit cake and we give club members who have attended a minimum of 6 months a Christmas gift. For many this is the only gift they receive.



Is designed to give club members the opportunity to participate in something they love while bettering their community in the name of Jesus through required service projects. In addition giving many fatherless boys godly role models & confidants found in their coaches. (To commence Fall of 2018)



Giving children & youth the opportunity to express themselves creatively through the art of dance & drama has proven a great way to get kids off the streets and doing more positive & uplifting things with their time. Once ready these learnt dances & dramas will be taken to the street for street evangelism, youth witnessing to their peers & elders who still need the love of a Savior. (To commence Fall of 2018)



The ability to learn & self-teach depends heavily on the ability to read & write, without the road to success becomes almost impossible. We not only want to see our kiddos succeed in life but also have the ability to self-nurture a relationship with their Daddy in heaven by feasting (reading) on His word. This is a 24 hour class that will give club members a very basic but functional ability to read & write. (To commence Fall of 2018) 



Is Saturday children's church. It includes: prayer, worship, games, bible lessons, memory verses, homework assignments, arts & crafts. THEIR PARTICIPATION IN THIS PROGRAM DETERMINES THEIR ELEGIBLITY IN THE OTHER PROGRAMS WE OFFER.



One hot yummy lunch served after bible lessons. For about half our club members this may be their only meal for the day. It's not uncommon to see 5 yr olds feeding younger baby brother or sister. If they were unable to bring their younger siblings with them, often they'll stuff their pockets with extra bread to bring home to younger family members.



Prompted by the two pregnancies that were a result of the rapings of SKC members. Here there is little to no justice for rape victims, but we can give these precious jewels  something, the hope, healing & forgiveness found in Jesus and the opportunity to escape, fight back & defend themselves.



​​A one week course to teach self-worth, abstinence, & deal with traumas of rape & violence via child’s therapist & the love of Jesus. Following the course is a formal ceremony (ball) for all the family with purity rings & formal attire. For the majority this will be their only formal event ever to attend.


Is a vital life skill when you live on the flood plain of the Amazon River where 3 months of the year hundreds of homes go underwater claiming the lives of countless little ones every year. Our swimming class gets our kiddos out of floaties and trains them to able swimmers.


(Materia Prima)

Is an intense 2 week missions training school (put on by Youth With A Mission) that only our most dedicated club members are eligible to attend providing them the opportunity to learn more about the bible, do street evangelism and travel the world.